Title Author(s) Date

DNA Repair in Haploid Context

Boissonneault, Guylain / Mourrain, Loïs 2021-11-17

pH-induced variations in the TK1 gene model.

Massonneau, Julien / Boissonneault, Guylain 2019-11-28

Genetic Instability and Chromatin Remodeling in Spermatids.

Cavé, Tiphanie / Boissonneault, Guylain 2019-01-08

Post-meiotic DNA double-strand breaks are conserved in fission yeast

Cavé, Tiphanie / Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Brazeau, Marc-André / Boissonneault, Guylain 2018-02-21

The DNA double-strand "breakome" of mouse spermatids.

Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Cavé, Tiphanie / Boissonneault, Guylain 2018-02-08

Suboptimal extracellular pH values alter DNA damage response to induced double-stranded breaks

Boissonneault, Guylain / Massonneau, Julien 2018-01-23

Torsional stress promotes trinucleotidic expansion in spermatids.

Simard, Olivier / Boissonneault, Guylain 2017-04-16

Quantification and genome-wide mapping of DNA double-strand breaks.

Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Massonneau, Julien / Brazeau, Marc-André / Boissonneault, Guylain 2016-11-09

Step-specific Sorting of Mouse Spermatids by Flow Cytometry.

Simard, Olivier / Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Brazeau, Marc-André / Boissonneault, Guylain 2016-01-19

Immuno-capture of UVDE generated 3'-OH ends at UV photoproducts.

Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Boissonneault, Guylain 2015-12-22

"Breaking news" from spermatids.

Gouraud, Anne / Brazeau, Marc-André / Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Simard, Olivier / Massonneau, Julien / Boissonneault, Guylain 2015-03-17

Instability of trinucleotidic repeats during chromatin remodeling in spermatids.

Simard, Olivier / Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Brazeau, Marc-André / Boissonneault, Guylain 2014-10-29

Male-driven de novo mutations in haploid germ cells.

Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Massonneau, Julien / Simard, Olivier / Gouraud, Anne / Brazeau, Marc-André / Boissonneault, Guylain 2013-07-17

Genome-wide mapping of DNA strand breaks.

Grégoire, Marie-Chantale / Boissonneault, Guylain 2011-03-02

The sperm nucleus: chromatin, RNA, and the nuclear matrix.

Boissonneault, Guylain 2010-12-15

A molecular analysis of the population of mRNA in bovine spermatozoa.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Boissonneault, Guylain / Robert, Claude 2007-07-19