Title Author(s) Date

Impact of the LH surge on granulosa cell transcript levels as markers of oocyte developmental competence in cattle.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude / Vigneault, Christian / Blondin, Patrick / Sirard, Marc-André 2012-05-22

Cellular and molecular characterization of the impact of laboratory setup on bovine in vitro embryo production.

Vigneault, Christian / Laflamme, Isabelle / Blondin, Patrick / Robert, Claude 2012-05-07

Transplanted bone marrow cells do not provide new oocytes but rescue fertility in female mice following treatment with chemotherapeutic agents.

Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude / Richard, François J. 2012-04-04

Combining resources to obtain a comprehensive survey of the bovine embryo transcriptome through deep sequencing and microarrays.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2011-11-18

Changes in Holstein cow milk and serum proteins during intramammary infection with three different strains of Staphylococcus aureus.

Robert, Claude 2011-09-29

Comprehensive cross production system assessment of the impact of in vitro microenvironment on the expression of messengers and long non-coding RNAs in the bovine blastocyst.

Vigneault, Christian / Laflamme, Isabelle / Gilbert, Isabelle / Blondin, Patrick / Robert, Claude 2011-07-14

Method to isolate polyribosomal mRNA from scarce samples such as mammalian oocytes and early embryos.

Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2011-03-04

Transcriptional effect of the LH surge in bovine granulosa cells during the peri-ovulation period.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude / Blondin, Patrick / Sirard, Marc-André 2011-01-18

Microarray analysis of gene expression during early development: a cautionary overview.

Robert, Claude 2010-11-26

Investigating the potential of genes preferentially expressed in oocyte to induce chromatin remodeling in somatic cells.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2010-10-12

OMICS in assisted reproduction: possibilities and pitfalls.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2010-07-21

Providing a stable methodological basis for comparing transcript abundance of developing embryos using microarrays.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2010-07-21

Identification of follicular marker genes as pregnancy predictors for human IVF: new evidence for the involvement of luteinization process.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2010-07-21

Combining suppressive subtractive hybridization and cDNA microarrays to identify dietary phosphorus-responsive genes of the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) kidney.

Robert, Claude 2010-04-08

SPAM1 isoforms from two tissue origins are differentially localized within ejaculated bull sperm membranes and have different roles during fertilization.

Sullivan, Robert / Laflamme, Isabelle / Robert, Claude / Leclerc, Pierre 2010-01-22

Genomic assessment of follicular marker genes as pregnancy predictors for human IVF.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2010-01-08

Conserved usage of alternative 5' untranslated exons of the GATA4 gene.

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Revealing the bovine embryo transcript profiles during early in vivo embryonic development.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2009-07-01

The dynamics of gene products fluctuation during bovine pre-hatching development.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Laflamme, Isabelle / Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2009-06-18

Real-time monitoring of aRNA production during T7 amplification to prevent the loss of sample representation during microarray hybridization sample preparation.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2009-05-07