Vigneault, Christian PhD - Associated researcher

Industry researcher

Boviteq and Semex

Research interest

Our research program is composed of 2 main axes namely, the improvement of female bovine reproduction by in vitro fertilization as well as everything related with the production of bovine semen for artificial insemination.

Our study on the female side involve various aspects such as nutrition of female donnors, regulation of puberty in heifers, superovulation, in vitro embryo production and receivers management. We are continuously looking for improvements at all stages of the process in order to remain the world leader in in vitro bovine embryo production.

On the male side, we are involved in various projects evaluating the effect of management practices and nutrition on the induction of bull puberty and on the quality and quantity of semen produced for artificial insemination. We also work on improving freezing medium in order to improve the quality of frozen semen and are always looking for semen quality markers in order to increase the fertility of the finished product.


In vitro fertilization Embryo Spermatozoa Fertility Freezing


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Laboratoire de recherche industrielle en embryologie et andrologie de Semex

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