Titre Auteur(s) Date

Contribution of epididymal epithelial cell functions to sperm epigenetic changes and the health of progeny

Belleannée, Clémence 2021-10-07

Effects of a dietary supplement enriched in palmitoleic acid on fatty acid composition of follicular fluid, granulosa cell metabolism, and oocyte developmental capacity in early lactation dairy cows

Gilbert, Isabelle / Belleannée, Clémence 2021-01-14

From Sperm Motility to Sperm-Borne microRNA Signatures: New Approaches to Predict Male Fertility Potential

Belleannée, Clémence 2020-08-21

Hedgehog signaling pathway regulates gene expression profile of epididymal principal cells through the primary cilium.

Cyr, Daniel G. / Belleannée, Clémence 2020-04-13

Primary cilia: biosensors of the male reproductive tract.

Augière, Céline / Belleannée, Clémence 2019-09-07

Anti-mitochondrial autoantibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus and their association with disease manifestations.

Marcoux, Geneviève / Belleannée, Clémence 2019-01-21

Cell-lineage specificity of primary cilia during postnatal epididymal development.

Bailey, Janice L. / Robert, Claude / Belleannée, Clémence 2018-09-18

Role of Dicer1-Dependent Factors in the Paracrine Regulation of Epididymal Gene Expression.

Belleannée, Clémence 2016-10-03

(Dicer)phering roles of microRNA in platelets.

Belleannée, Clémence 2016-04-08

Evidences of Biological Functions of Biliverdin Reductase A in the Bovine Epididymis.

Belleannée, Clémence / Sullivan, Robert 2016-01-26

Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals.

Belleannée, Clémence / Sullivan, Robert 2016-01-22

Extracellular microRNAs from the epididymis as potential mediators of cell-to-cell communication.

Belleannée, Clémence 2015-08-28

Data in support of peptidomic analysis of spermatozoa during epididymal maturation.

Belleannée, Clémence 2015-07-28

Platelet microparticles are internalized in neutrophils via the concerted activity of 12-lipoxygenase and secreted phospholipase A2-IIA.

Belleannée, Clémence / Tremblay, Jacques J. 2015-07-08

Detection and quantification of microparticles from different cellular lineages using flow cytometry. Evaluation of the impact of secreted phospholipase A2 on microparticle assessment.

Belleannée, Clémence 2015-01-15

Analysis of epididymal sperm maturation by MALDI profiling and top-down mass spectrometry.

Belleannée, Clémence 2014-12-08

Epididymosomes convey different repertoires of microRNAs throughout the bovine epididymis.

Belleannée, Clémence / Sullivan, Robert 2013-08-16

CD9-positive microvesicles mediate the transfer of molecules to Bovine Spermatozoa during epididymal maturation.

Belleannée, Clémence / Sullivan, Robert 2013-06-20

microRNA signature is altered in both human epididymis and seminal microvesicles following vasectomy.

Belleannée, Clémence / Légaré, Christine / Sullivan, Robert 2013-05-20

ATP secretion in the male reproductive tract: essential role of CFTR.

Belleannée, Clémence 2012-09-10