Title Author(s) Date

DNA methylation dynamic in male rat germ cells during gametogenesis

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Epitranscriptome marks detection and localization of RNA modifying proteins in mammalian ovarian follicles

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Characterization of the genetic pool of the Canadienne dairy cattle breed

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Chromosome-level assembly of the Rangifer tarandus genome and validation of cervid and bovid evolution insights

Poisson, William / Prunier, Julien / Carrier, Alexandra / Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude 2023-03-23

Roles of the cumulus-oocyte transzonal network and the Fragile X protein family in oocyte competence

Trottier-Lavoie, Mallorie / Marchais, Mathilde / Gilbert, Isabelle / Viger, Robert / Robert, Claude 2023-01-04

CNVs with adaptive potential in Rangifer tarandus: genome architecture and new annotated assembly

Carrier, Alexandra / Gilbert, Isabelle / Prunier, Julien / Poisson, William / Robert, Claude 2021-12-15

Effects of a dietary supplement enriched in palmitoleic acid on fatty acid composition of follicular fluid, granulosa cell metabolism, and oocyte developmental capacity in early lactation dairy cows

Gilbert, Isabelle / Belleannée, Clémence 2021-01-14

Cell-to-Cell Communication in the Ovarian Follicle

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude 2018-08-01

Short-term effect of FSH on gene expression in bovine granulosa cells in vitro.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Sirard, Marc-André 2018-03-13

Divergent Expression and Metabolic Functions of Human Glucuronosyltransferases through Alternative Splicing.

Gilbert, Isabelle 2016-09-29

Unravelling the transcriptomic landscape of the major phase II UDP-glucuronosyltransferase drug metabolizing pathway using targeted RNA sequencing.

Gilbert, Isabelle 2016-01-29

Cumulus Cell Transcripts Transit to the Bovine Oocyte in Preparation for Maturation.

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Breed-specific factors influence embryonic lipid composition: comparison between Jersey and Holstein.

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Oocyte developmental competence and embryo quality: distinction and new perspectives

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude 2015-07-01

Exploring the function of long non-coding RNA in the development of bovine early embryos.

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The gametic synapse: RNA transfer to the bovine oocyte.

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Evolutionary conservation of the oocyte transcriptome among vertebrates and its implications for understanding human reproductive function.

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Impact of the LH surge on granulosa cell transcript levels as markers of oocyte developmental competence in cattle.

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Comprehensive cross production system assessment of the impact of in vitro microenvironment on the expression of messengers and long non-coding RNAs in the bovine blastocyst.

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Transcriptional effect of the LH surge in bovine granulosa cells during the peri-ovulation period.

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