Titre Auteur(s) Date

CNVs with adaptive potential in Rangifer tarandus: genome architecture and new annotated assembly

Carrier, Alexandra / Gilbert, Isabelle / Prunier, Julien / Poisson, William / Robert, Claude 2021-12-15

Nurturing the egg: the essential connection between cumulus cells and the oocyte

Robert, Claude 2021-10-11

Zinc supports transcription and improves meiotic competence of growing bovine oocytes.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2020-04-13

Cell-lineage specificity of primary cilia during postnatal epididymal development.

Bailey, Janice L. / Robert, Claude / Belleannée, Clémence 2018-09-18

Cell-to-Cell Communication in the Ovarian Follicle

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude 2018-08-01

Intragenic sequences in the trophectoderm harbour the greatest proportion of methylation errors in day 17 bovine conceptuses generated using assisted reproductive technologies.

Robert, Claude / Sirard, Marc-André 2018-06-05

Salilew-Wondim D, Saeed-Zidane M, Hoelker M, Gebremedhn S, Poirier M, Pandey HO, Tholen E, Neuhoff C, Held E, Besenfelder U, Havlicek V, Rings F, Fournier E, Gagné D, Sirard MA, Robert C, Gad A, Schellander K, Tesfaye D.

Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2018-06-01

Transcriptomic difference in bovine blastocysts following vitrification and slow freezing at morula stage.

Robert, Claude 2017-11-02

Feed supplementation with arginine and zinc on antioxidant status and inflammatory response in challenged weanling piglets.

Robert, Claude 2017-09-03

Transcriptome Profiling of In-Vivo Produced Bovine Pre-implantation Embryos Using Two-color Microarray Platform.

Robert, Claude 2017-02-12

Responses of bovine early embryos to S-adenosyl methionine supplementation in culture.

Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2016-08-17

Tracking the Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein in a Highly Ordered Neuronal RiboNucleoParticles Population: A Link between Stalled Polyribosomes and RNA Granules.

Robert, Claude 2016-07-28

Multiple Mechanisms Cooperate to Constitutively Exclude the Transcriptional Co-Activator YAP from the Nucleus During Murine Oogenesis.

Robert, Claude 2016-05-06

Thyroid hormones alter the transcriptome of in vitro-produced bovine blastocysts.

Robert, Claude 2016-03-30

Cumulus Cell Transcripts Transit to the Bovine Oocyte in Preparation for Maturation.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Sirard, Marc-André / Richard, François J. / Robert, Claude 2016-01-22

Genome-wide analysis of sperm DNA methylation from monozygotic twin bulls.

Vigneault, Christian / Blondin, Patrick / Bailey, Janice L. / Robert, Claude 2016-01-11

Breed-specific factors influence embryonic lipid composition: comparison between Jersey and Holstein.

Gilbert, Isabelle / Vigneault, Christian / Blondin, Patrick / Robert, Claude 2015-12-21

The human decapping scavenger enzyme DcpS modulates microRNA turnover.

Robert, Claude 2015-11-20

Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Patterns of Bovine Blastocysts Developed In Vivo from Embryos Completed Different Stages of Development In Vitro.

Sirard, Marc-André / Robert, Claude 2015-11-05

Oocyte developmental competence and embryo quality: distinction and new perspectives

Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude 2015-07-01