Ethics and animal reproductive technologies

  • Publication date : 2021-11-03


Voisine J, Sirard MA. Ethics and animal reproductive technologies. Reprod Fertil Dev. 2021 Dec;34(2):214-233. doi: 10.1071/RD21284. PMID: 35231384.


Ethics and animal reproductive technologies

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welfare. transgenesis reproductive technologies philosophy nuclear transfer ethics animals


This paper offers a framework to help animal scientists engage in critical thinking about their own practices. Its objective is to reinforce their ability to participate in debates and discussions about the ethics surrounding the use of modern animal reproductive technologies (ART). This will be achieved first by exploring some of the most important philosophical conceptualizations of animals in Western philosophy, which are shaping the way humans interact with them. Then, we will analyse whether modern ART constitute ethically significant innovations in comparison with more traditional animal breeding practices, or whether they stand in continuity with the latter. This will be followed by a review some of the most important ethical issues with modern ART, where human, animal welfare, environmental and socio-economic issues will be discussed.