Titre Auteur(s) Date

In vivo ablation of the conserved GATA binding motif in the Amh promoter impairs Amh expression in the male mouse.

Bouchard, Marie-France / Bergeron, Francis / Viger, Robert 2019-02-08

Phosphorylation of GATA4 serine 105 but not serine 261 is required for testosterone production in the male mouse.

Bergeron, Francis / Bouchard, Marie-France / Brousseau, Catherine / Tremblay, Jacques J. / Viger, Robert 2019-01-30

GATA4 autoregulates its own expression in mouse gonadal cells via its distal 1b promoter.

Bouchard, Marie-France / Bergeron, Francis / Viger, Robert 2014-02-07

An Ebox element in the proximal Gata4 promoter is required for Gata4 expression in vivo.

Bouchard, Marie-France / Viger, Robert 2011-12-16

Conserved usage of alternative 5' untranslated exons of the GATA4 gene.

Bouchard, Marie-France / Robert, Claude / Viger, Robert 2009-12-30

The effect of human GATA4 gene mutations on the activity of target gonadal promoters.

Bouchard, Marie-France / Viger, Robert 2009-01-29