Titre Auteur(s) Date

Impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals on reproduction in wildlife and humans

Delbès, Géraldine / Rwigemera, Arlette 2021-12-21

Effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on gonad development: Mechanistic insights from fish and mammals

Rwigemera, Arlette / Delbès, Géraldine 2021-09-09

Dynamics in the expression of epigenetic modifiers and histone modifications in perinatal rat germ cells during de novo DNA methylation†

Rwigemera, Arlette / Elomri, Rhizlane / Delbès, Géraldine 2020-11-06

Fetal testis organ culture reproduces the dynamics of epigenetic reprogramming in rat gonocytes.

Rwigemera, Arlette / Delbès, Géraldine 2017-04-17