Titre Auteur(s) Date

DNA methylation dynamic in male rat germ cells during gametogenesis

Elomri, Rhizlane / Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude / Boissonneault, Guylain / Delbès, Géraldine 2023-06-07

Predictive factors for morcellation during total laparoscopic hysterectomy: a cohort study

Maheux-Lacroix, Sarah 2023-05-19

Epitranscriptome marks detection and localization of RNA modifying proteins in mammalian ovarian follicles

Marchais, Mathilde / Gilbert, Isabelle / Viger, Robert / Delbès, Géraldine / Robert, Claude 2023-05-10

Characterization of the genetic pool of the Canadienne dairy cattle breed

Carrier, Alexandra / Gilbert, Isabelle / Leclerc, Pierre / Robert, Claude 2023-05-09

Preoperative Mechanical Bowel Preparation for Gynecologic Surgeries: A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis

Maheux-Lacroix, Sarah 2023-05-06

Se préparer à prévoir et prévenir la pré-éclampsie au Canada

Bujold, Emmanuel 2023-05-01

The interplay between early embryo metabolism and mitoepigenetic programming of development

de Lima, Camila Bruna / Sirard, Marc-André 2023-05-01

Comparison of cattle derived from in vitro fertilization, multiple ovulation embryo transfer, and artificial insemination for milk production and fertility traits

Lafontaine, Simon / Labrecque, Rémi / Blondin, Patrick / Cue, Roger / Sirard, Marc-André 2023-04-05

Chromosome-level assembly of the Rangifer tarandus genome and validation of cervid and bovid evolution insights

Poisson, William / Prunier, Julien / Carrier, Alexandra / Gilbert, Isabelle / Robert, Claude 2023-03-23

Roles of the cumulus-oocyte transzonal network and the Fragile X protein family in oocyte competence

Trottier-Lavoie, Mallorie / Marchais, Mathilde / Gilbert, Isabelle / Viger, Robert / Robert, Claude 2023-01-04

A 3D analysis revealed complexe mitochondria morphologies in porcine cumulus cells

Lounas, Amel / Laflamme, Isabelle / Germain, Marc / Richard, François J. 2022-09-13

Bovine oocyte exposure to perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHxS) induces phenotypic, transcriptomic, and DNA methylation changes in resulting embryos in vitro

Sirard, Marc-André 2022-02-24

Determinants of Healthy Diet Among Children Exposed and Unexposed to Gestational Diabetes

Bélanger, Mélissa / Perron, Julie / Marc, Isabelle / Robitaille, Julie 2022-02-09

CHARGE syndrome-associated proteins FAM172A and CHD7 influence male sex determination and differentiation through transcriptional and alternative splicing mechanisms

Viger, Robert 2022-02-07

Growth hormone-induced STAT5B regulates Star gene expression through a cooperation with cJUN in mouse MA-10 Leydig cells

Pierre, Kenley Joule / De Mattos, Karine / Tremblay, Jacques J. / Robert, Nicholas 2021-12-30

The two-step process of ovarian follicular growth and maturation in mammals can be compared to a fruit ripening where quality depends on the second step

Sirard, Marc-André 2021-12-23

Impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals on reproduction in wildlife and humans

Delbès, Géraldine / Rwigemera, Arlette 2021-12-21

Gene cascade analysis in human granulosa tumor cells (KGN) following exposure to high levels of free fatty acids and insulin

Tremblay, Patricia / Fortin, Chloé / Sirard, Marc-André 2021-12-20

Epigenetic inheritance of acquired traits through DNA methylation

Sirard, Marc-André / Zhang, Ying 2021-12-17

CNVs with adaptive potential in Rangifer tarandus: genome architecture and new annotated assembly

Carrier, Alexandra / Gilbert, Isabelle / Prunier, Julien / Poisson, William / Robert, Claude 2021-12-15