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3D Cohort Study: The Integrated Research Network in Perinatology of Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

Bujold, Emmanuel / Marc, Isabelle 2016-10-26

High-flavanol and high-theobromine versus low-flavanol and low-theobromine chocolate to improve uterine artery pulsatility index: a double blind randomized clinical trial.

Bujold, Emmanuel / Girard, Mario / Marc, Isabelle 2016-10-04

The role of aspirin dose on the prevention of preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Demers, Suzanne / Chaillet, Nils / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-09-19

Diabetes in Pregnancy.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-09-04

Le diabète pendant la grossesse.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-09-04

Vaginal Fluid Inflammatory Biomarkers and the Risk of Adverse Neonatal Outcomes in Women with PPROM.

Tétu, Amélie / Demers, Suzanne / Laforest, Geneviève / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-08-04

Lower uterine segment thickness to prevent uterine rupture and adverse perinatal outcomes: a multicenter prospective study.

Demers, Suzanne / Chaillet, Nils / Girard, Mario / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-07-17

Maternal sleep-disordered breathing and the risk of delivering small for gestational age infants: a prospective cohort study.

Marc, Isabelle / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-07-15

Low-Dose Aspirin in Early Gestation for Prevention of Preeclampsia and Small-for-Gestational-Age Neonates: Meta-analysis of Large Randomized Trials.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-06-24

Aspirin for the Prevention of Preeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-05-29

Periodontal Disease and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: A Prospective Study in a Low-Risk Population.

Soucy-Giguère, Laurence / Tétu, Amélie / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-05-22

Prevention of pre-eclampsia by low-molecular-weight heparin in addition to aspirin: a meta-analysis.

Demers, Suzanne / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-05-05

Prevention of Preeclampsia with Aspirin in Multiple Gestations: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-04-30

Labor Dystocia and the Risk of Uterine Rupture in Women with Prior Cesarean.

Demers, Suzanne / Chaillet, Nils / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-04-30

Can third-trimester assessment of uterine scar in women with prior Cesarean section predict uterine rupture?

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-04-11

Ultrasound Assessment of Lower Uterine Segment Thickness During Pregnancy, Labour, and the Postpartum Period.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-04-01

Impact of uterine closure on residual myometrial thickness after cesarean: a randomized controlled trial.

Demers, Suzanne / Girard, Mario / Chaillet, Nils / Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-03-28

Preovulatory uterine flushing with saline as a treatment for unexplained infertility: a randomised controlled trial protocol.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2016-01-07

Early Versus Delayed Postoperative Feeding After Major Gynaecological Surgery and its Effects on Clinical Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and Length of Stay: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2015-12-05

Re: Reproducibility of first- and second-trimester uterine artery pulsatility index measured by transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound. A.E.G.M.T. Ferreira, F. Mauad Filho, P.S.G. Abreu, F.M. Mauad, E. Araujo Jr and W.P. Martins. Ultrasound Obstet Gyn

Bujold, Emmanuel 2015-11-03