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DNA methylation pattern of bovine blastocysts associated to hyperinsulinemia in vitro

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-05-10

Transcriptome analysis of granulosa cells after conventional vs long FSH-induced superstimulation in cattle

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-04-16

Lipid profile of bovine blastocysts exposed to insulin during in vitro oocyte maturation.

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-04-16

Follicle capacitation: A meta-analysis to investigate the transcriptome dynamics following FSH decline in bovine granulosa cells.

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-04-14

40 years of bovine IVF in the new genomic selection context

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-04-10

Short-term effect of FSH on gene expression in bovine granulosa cells in vitro.

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Availability, quality and relevance of toxicogenomics data for human health risk assessment: A scoping review of the literature on trihalomethanes.

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-03-05

The use of natural cycle's follicular dynamic to improve oocyte quality in dairy cows and heifers.

Blondin, Patrick / Sirard, Marc-André 2018-03-03

Genome-wide screening of DNA methylation in bovine blastocysts with different kinetics of development.

Sirard, Marc-André 2018-01-09

Metabolic Stress Induces Modifications in the Epigenetic Program of Preimplantation Bovine Embryos.

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Successful in vitro maturation of oocytes: a matter of follicular differentiation.

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Spermatozoa DNA methylation patterns differ due to peripubertal age in bulls.

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Influence of luteinizing hormone support on granulosa cells transcriptome in cattle.

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Accumulation of Chromatin Remodelling Enzyme and Histone Transcripts in Bovine Oocytes.

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Insulin during in vitro oocyte maturation has an impact on development, mitochondria, and cytoskeleton in bovine day 8 blastocysts.

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Comparative analysis of granulosa cell gene expression in association with oocyte competence in FSH-stimulated Holstein cows.

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Transcriptomic analysis of gene cascades involved in protein kinase A and C signalling in the KGN line of human ovarian granulosa tumour cells1.

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The influence of in vitro fertilization and embryo culture on the embryo epigenetic constituents and the possible consequences in the bovine model.

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Transcriptomic evaluation of bovine blastocysts obtained from peri-pubertal oocyte donors.

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Regulation of ATF1 and ATF2 transcripts by sequences in their 3' untranslated region in cleavage-stage cattle embryos.

Dufort, Isabelle / Sirard, Marc-André 2017-02-15