Titre Auteur(s) Date

Neonatal and Juvenile Ocular Development in Sprague-Dawley Rats: A Histomorphological and Immunohistochemical Study.

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Proteomic markers of the functional sperm population in bovines 1. Comparison of low- and high-density spermatozoa following cryopreservation.

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Aspirin for the prevention of preterm and term preeclampsia: Systematic review and meta-analysis.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2017-11-15

Effets transgénérationnels des chimiothérapies : l’exposition du père influence-t-elle la santé des générations futures ?

Delbès, Géraldine 2017-11-15

Pre- and Postnatal Development of the Eye: A Species Comparison.

Benoit-Biancamano, Marie-Odile 2017-11-15

Transcriptomic difference in bovine blastocysts following vitrification and slow freezing at morula stage.

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Body mass index and the risk of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: the great obstetrical syndromes (GOS) study.

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Maternal Characteristics for the Prediction of Preeclampsia in Nulliparous Women: The Great Obstetrical Syndromes (GOS) Study.

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Spermatozoa DNA methylation patterns differ due to peripubertal age in bulls.

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The transverse technique; a complementary approach to the measurement of first-trimester uterine artery Doppler.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2017-10-04

Virtual Laparoscopy Simulation: a Promising Pedagogic Tool in Gynecology.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2017-09-27

Early screening and prevention of preterm preeclampsia with aspirin: time for clinical implementation.

Bujold, Emmanuel 2017-09-09

Impact of maternal obesity on the incidence of pregnancy complications in France and Canada.

Chaillet, Nils 2017-09-08

Feed supplementation with arginine and zinc on antioxidant status and inflammatory response in challenged weanling piglets.

Robert, Claude 2017-09-03

First-trimester placental thickness and the risk of preeclampsia or SGA.

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Influence of luteinizing hormone support on granulosa cells transcriptome in cattle.

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Accumulation of Chromatin Remodelling Enzyme and Histone Transcripts in Bovine Oocytes.

Sirard, Marc-André 2017-08-05

Physical activity during pregnancy and infant's birth weight: results from the 3D Birth Cohort.

Bujold, Emmanuel / Marc, Isabelle 2017-08-01

Insulin during in vitro oocyte maturation has an impact on development, mitochondria, and cytoskeleton in bovine day 8 blastocysts.

Sirard, Marc-André 2017-07-14

Letter to the Editor: Single- vs. Double-Layer Closure of Hysterotomy at the Time of Cesarean Delivery.

Demers, Suzanne / Bujold, Emmanuel 2017-06-14