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Bovine sperm raft membrane associated Glioma Pathogenesis-Related 1-like protein 1 (GliPr1L1) is modified during the epididymal transit and is potentially involved in sperm binding to the zona pellucida.

Belleannée, Clémence / Robert, Claude / Sullivan, Robert 2012-08-28

Region-specific gene expression in the epididymis.

Belleannée, Clémence / Sullivan, Robert 2012-08-28

The contribution of proteomics to understanding epididymal maturation of mammalian spermatozoa.

Belleannée, Clémence 2012-07-13

Role of microRNAs in controlling gene expression in different segments of the human epididymis.

Belleannée, Clémence / Légaré, Christine / Sullivan, Robert 2012-04-18

Regulation of V-ATPase recycling via a RhoA- and ROCKII-dependent pathway in epididymal clear cells.

Belleannée, Clémence 2011-06-28

Purification and identification of sperm surface proteins and changes during epididymal maturation.

Belleannée, Clémence 2011-05-12

Identification of luminal and secreted proteins in bull epididymis.

Belleannée, Clémence 2010-12-06

Proteomic analysis of V-ATPase-rich cells harvested from the kidney and epididymis by fluorescence-activated cell sorting.

Belleannée, Clémence 2010-05-21

Role of purinergic signaling pathways in V-ATPase recruitment to apical membrane of acidifying epididymal clear cells.

Belleannée, Clémence 2010-03-26

Mammalian epididymal proteome.

Belleannée, Clémence 2009-06-01

Segmental expression of the bradykinin type 2 receptor in rat efferent ducts and epididymis and its role in the regulation of aquaporin 9.

Belleannée, Clémence 2008-12-29