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Adipose tissue transcriptome is related to pollutant exposure in polar bear mother-cub pairs from Svalbard, Norway.

Herst, Pauline / Dalvai, Mathieu / Bailey, Janice L. 2020-08-18

Beyond Fertilisation: How the Paternal Environment Influences Future Generations

Bailey, Janice L. / Dalvai, Mathieu / Lessard, Maryse / Herst, Pauline / L. Charest, Phanie / Navarro, Pauline 2020-05-17

Histomorphologic Analysis of the Late-term Rat Fetus and Placenta.

Herst, Pauline / Lessard, Maryse / Dalvai, Mathieu / Bailey, Janice L. / Benoit-Biancamano, Marie-Odile 2018-02-05