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The protein phosphatase with EF-hand domain 1 is a calmodulin-binding protein that interacts with proteins involved in sperm capacitation, binding to the zona pellucida, and motility

Lavoie-Ouellet, Camille / Leclerc, Pierre / Saindon, Andrée-Anne 2021-03-30

Study on the role of calmodulin in sperm function through the enrichment and identification of calmodulin-binding proteins in bovine ejaculated spermatozoa.

Leclerc, Pierre / Lavoie-Ouellet, Camille / Saindon, Andrée-Anne 2020-01-06

SPAM1 and PH-20 are two gene products expressed in bovine testis and present in sperm

Saindon, Andrée-Anne / Leclerc, Pierre 2018-10-30

Novel technical strategies to optimize cryopreservation of goat semen using cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin.

Leclerc, Pierre / Bailey, Janice L. 2017-01-02

Cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin improves ram sperm cryoresistance in skim milk-extender.

Leclerc, Pierre / Bailey, Janice L. 2016-12-26

Papaverine-sensitive phosphodiesterase activity is measured in bovine spermatozoa.

Leclerc, Pierre / Sullivan, Robert / Blondin, Patrick / Vigneault, Christian / Richard, François J. 2016-11-18

Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in human spermatozoa and seminal fluid: Presence of an active PDE10A in human spermatozoa.

Blondin, Patrick / Leclerc, Pierre / Richard, François J. 2016-11-12

Recombinant human oviductin regulates protein tyrosine phosphorylation and acrosome reaction.

Leclerc, Pierre 2016-09-26

Identification and Localization of the Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase 10A in Bovine Testis and Mature Spermatozoa.

Richard, François J. / Leclerc, Pierre 2016-08-23

Cholesterol-Loaded Cyclodextrin Increases the Cholesterol Content of Goat Sperm to Improve Cold and Osmotic Resistance and Maintain Sperm Function after Cryopreservation.

Leclerc, Pierre / Bailey, Janice L. 2016-04-22

The immobilization of human spermatozoa by STAT3 inhibitory compound V results from an excessive intracellular amount of reactive oxygen species.

Leclerc, Pierre 2016-01-19

Implication of the human Binder of SPerm Homolog 1 (BSPH1) protein in capacitation.

Leclerc, Pierre 2014-04-30

Stattic V, a STAT3 inhibitor, affects human spermatozoa through regulation of mitochondrial activity.

Leclerc, Pierre 2013-01-02

Epididymosomes transfer epididymal sperm binding protein 1 (ELSPBP1) to dead spermatozoa during epididymal transit in bovine.

Leclerc, Pierre / Blondin, Patrick / Sullivan, Robert 2012-10-22

Binder of sperm 1 and epididymal sperm binding protein 1 are associated with different bull sperm subpopulations.

Blondin, Patrick / Leclerc, Pierre / Sullivan, Robert 2012-05-22

Leukemia inhibitory factor regulates differentiation of trophoblastlike BeWo cells through the activation of JAK/STAT and MAPK3/1 MAP kinase-signaling pathways.

Leclerc, Pierre 2012-03-01

Mediators of the Jak/STAT signaling pathway in human spermatozoa.

Leclerc, Pierre 2011-11-25

Infertility in a beef bull due to a failure in the capacitation process.

Sullivan, Robert / Leclerc, Pierre 2011-08-16

Developmental expression of SRC-related tyrosine kinases in the mouse testis.

Leclerc, Pierre 2010-12-20

Localization of Hsp60 and Grp78 in the human testis, epididymis and mature spermatozoa.

Sullivan, Robert / Bailey, Janice L. / Leclerc, Pierre 2010-05-21