Titre Auteur(s) Date

Proteomic comparison of detergent-extracted sperm proteins from bulls with different fertility indexes.

Leclerc, Pierre / Sullivan, Robert 2010-02-19

SPAM1 isoforms from two tissue origins are differentially localized within ejaculated bull sperm membranes and have different roles during fertilization.

Sullivan, Robert / Laflamme, Isabelle / Robert, Claude / Leclerc, Pierre 2010-01-22

Estrogen sulfotransferase is highly expressed along the bovine epididymis and is secreted into the intraluminal environment.

Leclerc, Pierre / Sullivan, Robert 2009-08-27

Cryopreservation affects bovine sperm intracellular parameters associated with capacitation and acrosome exocytosis.

Bailey, Janice L. / Leclerc, Pierre 2009-04-22

Modulation of bovine sperm signalling pathways: correlation between intracellular parameters and sperm capacitation and acrosome exocytosis.

Bailey, Janice L. / Leclerc, Pierre 2009-04-22

Increased activity of the human sperm tyrosine kinase SRC by the cAMP-dependent pathway in the presence of calcium.

Leclerc, Pierre 2008-09-26

Expression of hck-tr, a truncated form of the src-related tyrosine kinase hck, in bovine spermatozoa and testis.

Leclerc, Pierre 2008-02-28

Investigation of MYST4 histone acetyltransferase and its involvement in mammalian gametogenesis.

Vigneault, Christian / Leclerc, Pierre / Sirard, Marc-André 2008-01-11

Direct effect of macrophage migration inhibitory factor on sperm function: possible involvement in endometriosis-associated infertility.

Leclerc, Pierre 2007-10-09

Expression of Hsp60 and Grp78 in the human endometrium and oviduct, and their effect on sperm functions.

Bailey, Janice L. / Leclerc, Pierre 2007-09-18

Identification and localisation of SERCA 2 isoforms in mammalian sperm.

Leclerc, Pierre 2007-04-18

Identification of the proteins present in the bull sperm cytosolic fraction enriched in tyrosine kinase activity: a proteomic approach.

Leclerc, Pierre 2006-08-28

Membranous and structural damage that occur during cryopreservation of human sperm may be time-related events.

Légaré, Christine / Leclerc, Pierre / Sullivan, Robert 2006-06-08

Bull testicular haploid germ cells express a messenger encoding for a truncated form of the protein tyrosine kinase HCK.

Leclerc, Pierre 2006-01-31

The proacrosin binding protein, sp32, is tyrosine phosphorylated during capacitation of pig sperm.

Leclerc, Pierre / Bailey, Janice L. 2005-06-15

Identification of the bull sperm p80 protein as a PH-20 ortholog and its modification during the epididymal transit.

Sullivan, Robert / Leclerc, Pierre 2005-06-02

Induction of human sperm capacitation and protein tyrosine phosphorylation by endometrial cells and interleukin-6.

Leclerc, Pierre 2005-02-11

Use of phosphoproteomics to study tyrosine kinase activity in capacitating boar sperm. Kinase activity and capacitation.

Bailey, Janice L. / Leclerc, Pierre 2004-12-31

Localization of the chaperone proteins GRP78 and HSP60 on the luminal surface of bovine oviduct epithelial cells and their association with spermatozoa.

Bailey, Janice L. / Sirard, Marc-André / Leclerc, Pierre 2004-11-23

Inhibitors of phosphoinositide 3-kinase, LY294002 and wortmannin, affect sperm capacitation and associated phosphorylation of proteins differently: Ca2+-dependent divergences.

Leclerc, Pierre 2004-06-29