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Essential Intracrine Androgenic Action in Lung Development for Both Sexes.

Tremblay, Yves / Pierre, Provost 2018-06-22

Dynamic modulation of Cyp21a1 (21-hydroxylase) expression sites in the mouse developing lung.

Tremblay, Yves 2017-02-20

CYP21A2 expression is localized in the developing distal epithelium of the human perinatal lung and is compatible with in situ production and intracrine actions of active glucocorticoids.

Tremblay, Yves 2016-09-05

Automated High-Performance Analysis of Lung Morphometry.

Tremblay, Yves 2015-08-03

C21-steroids inactivation and glucocorticoid synthesis in the developing lung.

Tremblay, Yves 2015-02-09

Identification of most stable endogenous control genes for microRNA quantification in the developing mouse lung.

Tremblay, Yves 2014-11-05

A transdisciplinary approach to the decision-making process in extreme prematurity.

Tremblay, Yves 2014-07-23

Ontogeny of adrenal-like glucocorticoid synthesis pathway and of 20α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in the mouse lung.

Tremblay, Yves 2014-03-07

Glucocorticoid metabolism in the developing lung: adrenal-like synthesis pathway.

Tremblay, Yves 2013-11-11

Major enzymes controlling the androgenic pressure in the developing lung.

Tremblay, Yves 2013-10-21

Androgens in the maternal and fetal circulation: association with insulin resistance.

Tremblay, Yves 2013-02-19

Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA): achievements in 10 years and future needs.

Tremblay, Yves 2012-11-02

Severe chronic allergic (and related) diseases: a uniform approach--a MeDALL--GA2LEN--ARIA position paper.

Tremblay, Yves 2012-06-12

Sex-specific perinatal expression of glutathione peroxidases during mouse lung development.

Tremblay, Yves 2012-03-26

Role of gender in morbidity and mortality of extremely premature neonates.

Bujold, Emmanuel / Tremblay, Yves 2012-03-20

Promoting the "3Rs" principle in developmental biology with early and convenient diagnosis of pregnancy in mice.

Tremblay, Yves 2011-11-04

Human type 2 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in umbilical vein and artery endothelial cells: differential inactivation of sex steroids according to the vessel type.

Tremblay, Yves 2011-09-30

Apolipoprotein A-I, A-II, and H mRNA and protein accumulation sites in the developing lung in late gestation.

Tremblay, Yves 2011-08-10

Role of fetal sex in the outcome of antenatal glucocorticoid treatment to prevent respiratory distress syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Tremblay, Yves / Bujold, Emmanuel 2011-04-01

Sex hormone metabolism in lung development and maturation.

Tremblay, Yves 2010-11-24