The benefits of studying at CRDSI

Training the next generation of scientists is a top priority for CRDSI.

For students, being part of the Centre is considered an added value during university studies. Indeed, beyond receiving a diploma, our graduate students’ journey is enhanced at several levels in terms of scientific training and knowledge, integration, collaboration opportunities, which creates lasting connections with other members.  Co-supervision of students and co-authoring of publications and patents with students are ingrained in CRDSI’s operations. 

Our Centre offers one of the most generous scientific environments for mentoring graduate students in the field of reproductive biology in Canada. In 2016, CRDSI was composed of more than 30 masters and PhD students as well as many postdoctoral fellows and undergraduate trainees.

CRDSI’s student and postdoctoral fellow members play important roles within the organisation as well as for its scientific program. Two student members are part of its executive committee (one for each faculty, medicine and agriculture and food science). These students actively participate in the operations and decisions of the Centre. Repeating activities at CRDSI include bi-monthly presentation clubs, an annual scientific symposium and a monthly speaker program that offers student the possibility to present their work and discusswith Centre researchers or guest speakers visiting Laval University. CRDSI highly encourages students to present their work at regional or international conferences. In addition, CRDSI students are members of provincial and national groups involved in reproductive biology research such as the Réseau Québécois en reproduction (Quebec Reproduction Network – RQR) which is composed of more than 80 Quebec research teams with more than 250 graduate students.

Through Laval University, the Centre offers a complete range of specialized courses on animal and human reproduction, reproduction biotechnologies and its societal challenges.